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Review of the Three Wheel Scooter by Little Nation

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Easter Holidays are around the corner!

It's nice to have a little Easter break, even if it is only four days for some of us (Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Sunday)! After a very unprecedented year last year, we are all looking forward to relaxing with family and friends and exploring the outdoors.

Easter = school holidays! And boy, do parents run out of fun and stimulating things to do quickly over this break. I hear it all the time! We all want our kids to turn off their controllers and phones and hop outside and play!

The Australian Government recommends children get the following amounts of exercise:

Birth to 1 year old: moving on the floor from birth (tummy time, crawling and walking).

1 to 5 years old: at least 3 hours of being physically active, spread throughout the day.

5 to 12 years old: at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. That includes fast walking, riding a bike or scooter, playing, running and doing organised sports. There should be a mix of activities that make them puff and activities that are good for their bones, like climbing on monkey bars, gymnastics, dance, running, skipping and jumping.

With a mixture of previous COVID restrictions and parental stress at an all-time high, unfortunately many parents have not been meeting the above exercise requirements for their children. We are all guilty of this!

As a society, we are all spending more time with our electronics, but we need to strike a healthy balance! As COVID restrictions ease off, we hope that parents get back into their normal ‘groove’ and start spending more time in the great outdoors with their kids.

According to the Australian Government, participating in physical activity and limiting sedentary behaviour is central to your child’s health, development and psychosocial wellbeing.

If your child gets regular activity, it will support their brain development, bone strength, muscle control, balance and coordination, and helps them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Being active can positively affect their sleep patterns, mental health, concentration, self-esteem and confidence! Yay for our kids!

You may need a little refresher on what cool, affordable and physically active toys are available in Australia for your kids.

Whether your child is an independent sassy toddler, or a timid little person who is learning to come out of their shell, a fun and active toy like a scooter is the perfect way to build up their confidence and independence!

Let me introduce the Three Wheel Scooter with Light Up Wheels from Little Nation!

Little Nation three-wheel scooters are perfect for ages 2-6 years old, as they’ve got an adjustable height handle!

In saying that, our son Brooks is 19 months old and is riding his new scooter.

As a parent, you will of course need to supervise and teach your child how to ride, but once they get the knack, you won’t be able to get them off it!

Please always use a quality helmet with your scooter.

There are many different kids scooters available in the Australian market, so how do you choose the right one? We believe the Three Wheel Scooter by Little Nation tops our list for budget-conscious families due to the following features below:

· It’s adjustable (which means you don’t have to purchase a new one every two years or so, you just adjust the t-bar handlebars to your child’s height)

· For younger children, three wheels are much more suitable than traditional two-wheel scooters. The scooter has three wheels, and they feel stable and strong.

· With traditional scooters, to turn a corner you have to move the handlebar the same way you want to turn. This can be tricky for smaller children, which is why this scooter has a great ‘lean to steer’ design. To avoid crashes, your child simply leans the way they wish to turn.

· The scooter is lightweight (1.9kg or 4.1lbs) and easy to manoeuvre around. Our son is 19 months old and can easily move it around!

· The wheels! Your child will love this, when the wheels are in motion, they light up to show cool LED lights in red and blue! The wheels are also non-marking, our son has been dragging this scooter all over our polished wooden floors (I know, yikes!) but there is no damage.

· The scooter colours, there is one to suit everyone! Colours include blue, pink, purple, red, green and classic black (which is what Brooks has).

- Quality: they are sturdy and secure feeling scooters. For peace of mind, Little Nation also offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on all of their products (conditions apply- see their website).

- Affordability: compare this scooter to others on the market, its affordable for a family that is budget conscious (especially if you need to buy a few scooters or just want to test the waters).

Little Nation sells their Three Wheel Scooter for RRP $99.95 AUD, but often they’re half price and sell for $49.95 AUD! This is a great price for families on a budget, especially when you have to purchase a few scooters for your family. Their flat rate shipping cost is $9.90 AUD.

This price is very affordable for families, especially when you see competitor scooter brands are charging between $179.95 and $259.95 AUD for their three-wheel scooters.

All prices were correct at the time of posting this review.

Here is some handy information on the Three Wheel Scooter from Little Nation:

· Scooter’s max weight is 25kg

· The scooter itself weighs 1.9kg

· The wheels are sized at a comfortable 120mm/80mm

· The t-bar style handlebar heights can be adjusted between 43cm and 63cm

· The foot deck area is 11cm wide, 52cm in length and your child has 30cm of area to comfortably place their feet.

You can purchase a Three Wheel Scooter directly from Little Nation’s website by clicking here.

It’s worth checking out the rest of their website too, as they sell so many other great items for your kids!

E.g., toys, trampolines, cubby houses, sandpits, balance bikes and much, much more!

Shipping is a flat rate cost of $9.90 AUD.

Disclosure: We were on the hunt for a new, safe and cool Scooter for our son, which is why we’ve partnered with Little Nation on today’s sponsored post reviewing their Three Wheel Scooter. The Johannessen Family was gifted the Three Wheeled Scooter in black to conduct a fair and impartial review. All opinions are 100% our own and reflect our honest experiences with the product. We only share what we believe you’ll find helpful. Thank you to Little Nation for this collaboration opportunity.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post review on the Three-Wheeled Scooter by Little Nation! ♡ Any questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Tag us at @thejohannessenfamily or contact us!

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