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How to make Pipe Cleaners in a Colander-Sensory Play

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

What's furry and bright and will help stimulate and entertain your baby/toddler for a whole ten minutes? Pipe cleaners in a colander!

Simply buy a packet of rainbow coloured pipe cleaners and get out your old colander/strainer and watch your baby/toddler become surprisingly engaged in this fun and easy activity!

As Brooks is only ten months old, I have tied the other end of pipe cleaner in a knot to stop them from pulling through.

But for a toddler, you can leave the pipe cleaners as is and encourage them to try and poke them through the little holes!

I supervised Brooks to ensure he didn't poke himself with any of the pipe cleaners or try to eat them!

Our 10 month old son, Brooks, loved the bright coloured pipe cleaners and their furry feeling!


Did you recreate this fun sensory pipe cleaner play? Tag us on @thejohannessenfamily so we can check it out! Xx

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