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Under The Sea 1st Birthday Party for Brooks

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Our baby boy, Brooks Wilder is ONE!

Even though he is now officially a 'toddler', he will always be our baby boy!

...Where did the time go? I remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday. We are a ball of emotions to see how first born grow so quickly before our eyes, but are so happy to see him thriving!

He was born at 9:16am on the 23rd of July 2019 weighing 9lbs 6oz (4.24kg), and he was such an adorable chunky monkey!

He's energetic, funny, loud, boisterous, crazy and fun! I wouldn't trade my stage-five clinger boy for the world.

Here are the details of his first birthday party themed 'Under The Sea'!


♡ 4 Layer Vanilla Sponge Cake & Vanilla Cupcakes made by me: mama!

♡ Cake and Cupcake icing is vanilla buttercream piped into a wave style rosette (using a 1m Wilton tip)

♡ Cake personalised name topper from Etsy- $24.95- BUY HERE

♡ Cupcake sea creature toppers from eBay- $4.99- BUY HERE

♡ Blue candles from Spotlight- $2.00- BUY HERE

♡ Gel food dyes in colours Sky Blue and Royal Blue from Wilton (I don't generally use liquid food dyes as I find they change the consistency of the batter and the colours aren't as vibrant as gel)


All homemade (thanks to the help of grandma), a collection of salmon and dill crabwidges (stick googley eyes on toothpicks), grazing boards, Italian pizza rolls, meatballs, candy and tea/coffee/water/soft drink.


A collection of decorations gathered from Spotlight, eBay, Kmart, Overflow, Target and Amazon Australia.

I had a general vision for his Under The Sea themed birthday party, and I wanted to a) keep the decorations realistic for a busy mom to achieve and b) not let costs blow out.

I bought balloon garland tape off eBay and used premium latex blue and white balloons from Spotlight to make my own balloon garland.

We placed these inside two white 6x3m marquees to help protect from the rainy day forecasted! And boy, did it rain. We took the theme 'Under The Sea' literally that day!


Brooks is part of a big family, which has its perks, including lots of amazing gifts! He was absolutely spoilt for his first birthday and we're very grateful for the beautiful presents and cards he received from loved ones!

So that's it! We hope you enjoyed our little blog post on Brooks' 1st birthday party! ♡ Any questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Tag us at @thejohannessenfamily or email

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