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Review of the Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat

Updated: Jan 16

Studies show that humans spend approximately one third of their lives either sleeping or attempting to sleep. So, it makes sense that our bedrooms are our sleep safe havens; filled with comfortable and relaxing products to help us get the best sleep we can!

Sleeping eight hours every night can be a challenge as an adult, we're all aware of this! The LED light from our phones before bed, co-sleeping with our children, our children needing us in the middle of the night from their bedrooms, being hungry or thirsty or simply lying in an uncomfortable sleep space!

Our family chooses to co-sleep together, which is exactly how it sounds. Mum, dad, and our youngest son (almost 2 yrs) are together in the one king-sized bed. Our eldest son (4 year old) sleeps next to our bed in his own single bed, complete with Paw Patrol bedspread, pillows and stuffed toys. Our baby Georgia is sleeping in a co-sleeping bassinet up against our bed. We are all sleeping in the same room, and without comfortable and relaxing products to help us get the best sleep we can, it wouldn't work!

We bought our king-size bed several years ago, before we had children. As time went on and our children entered the picture, I looked for products to help take our already fairly comfortable mattress to the next level. Usually, I was inspired to do this after spending a night or two away in a hotel. Have you noticed how hotel beds are (usually) very comfortable, almost like you're sleeping on a fluffy cloud?

Well, there is a secret to this comfy cloud hotel bed and I was determined to find out what it was. The secret? An insanely comfortable, thick and plush mattress topper!

Purple poster with yellow font that says what is a mattress topper?

Basically, a mattress topper is a thick and plush piece of padded material that fits snuggly on the top of your mattress, underneath your fitted sheet.

According to Sleep Foundation, a mattress topper is used to noticeably change a mattress' feel and provide extra pressure relief and comfort.

Purple poster with yellow font that says why do I need a mattress topper?

Do you have an older mattress which probably needs updating? But you're holding off for now? Well, a mattress topper can help revitalise it.

Think about this, it literally adds a thick and plush layer of cloud feeling comfort to your old, tired mattress. It's basically brand new again! It's much cheaper and easier to purchase a great quality topper than it is to go mattress shopping.

Alternatively, if you've recently bought a new mattress, a mattress topper can lengthen it's life! By adding a mattress topper, you'll take your new mattress from good to great and lessen the mattress' wear and tear by adding this extra layer.

Purple poster with yellow font that says ok, so what mattress topper do I buy?

We believe Australia's own Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper tops the list, and today's blog post will explain why!

Girl wearing pink night dress in bed posing next to Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat.

Ali with the Luxury Mattress Topper in size king by Muscle Mat.

Let us introduce this beautifully plush and plump mattress topper by Muscle Mat.

Have you heard of Muscle Mat, yet? They're an Australian owned company, built in 2019 off the back (pun intended) of back pain and muscle soreness!

We're reviewing the Luxury Mattress Topper in king size. It's 10cm thick, and Muscle Mat fill their mattress toppers with an extremely high GSM cotton (breathable and natural, especially in Australia) to keep it thick and fluffy, year after year without compressing.

A picture of Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper packaging on a white bed spread.

By the way, GSM stands for grams per square metre, which is basically the weight of the filling. When you're purchasing a mattress topper, buy one that has a high GSM, because this ensures it will be dense and plush, therefore more comfortable!

This Luxury Mattress Topper fits over your mattress in a way similar to your normal fitted sheet. Its design ensures it does not move around, it's a deep fitted 40cm skirt to keep it secure on your bed corners.

Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper is available in the following bed sizes and their associate costs*:

Single: $139.00 AUD

Long Single: $149.00 AUD

King Single: $149.00 AUD

Double: $159.00 AUD

Queen: $169.00 AUD

King: $179.00 AUD

Super King: $189.00 AUD

*All prices and sizes were correct at the time of posting this blog review.

Muscle Mat also offer FREE Australia-wide shipping on their orders, and offer a $10 off discount if you choose to sign up to their mailing list.

You can purchase a Luxury Mattress Topper from Muscle Mat by clicking here.

Muscle Mat sell all types of products to help humans feel better, including relax mats, acupressure mats, weighted blankets, pillows, sleep shirts and mega blankets. Muscle Mat are based in Brisbane, and their warehouse is based in Sydney. Here at The Johannessen Family, we love to support Australian owned brands!

Purple poster with yellow font that says benefits of the luxury mattress topper?
  • It's a 10cm thick and plush mattress topper, plump with 100% high density GSM cotton. The inner fill is made of top quality, high GSM polyester.

  • The squared pattern feature on the mattress topper ensures you sink into its cloud-like comfort.

  • It has a 40cm deep fitted skirt to keep it secure on the corners of your bed, so no annoying corners falling off in the middle of the night!

  • It takes your ordinary, old mattress and transforms it into an amazing, comfortable sleep space that you'll look forward to retiring into every night.

  • It's cheaper to purchase a luxury mattress topper than it is to replace an old mattress.

  • The topper extends the life of your new mattress, by adding a plush layer of extra protection and avoiding wear and tear.

A picture of Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper packaging on a white bed spread.

Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper in size king. Notice how the squares are larger and more puffy than the Kmart topper? Also, Muscle Mat's topper goes right to the edges, as nature intended!

Purple poster with yellow font that says luxury mattress topper by Muscle Mat vs. High Loft Mattress Topper by Kmart

You may be thinking, okay, but what about cheaper mattress toppers that already exist in the Australian market? If you're anything like me, you usually scan the internet for reviews, whether they're positive or negative before committing to a purchase.

You may have already searched for 'Kmart Mattress Topper' into Google, which is how you've ended up reading this blog post!

In order to compare both a Muscle Mat mattress topper and a Kmart mattress topper, my family and I spent four weeks with each topper on our bed. Two weeks with the Kmart mattress topper, and two weeks with the Muscle Mat mattress topper. And can I just say, what a huge difference there was. Let me explain.

Muscle Mat vs Kmart Topper Comparison Table Review

High Loft Mattress Topper in King Size by Kmart

When I first put the Kmart High Loft Mattress Topper in king size on my bed, the first thing I noticed was how tight it was. I had to double check the packaging to ensure I didn't accidentally pick up a queen size topper instead of king.

Female in white dress holding white mattress topper.

Ali holding the Anko (Kmart) High Loft Mattress Topper in size king.

Nope, it was definitely king. I had to pull and pull to ensure I got all four corners snug around my mattress. My mattress is a regular king bed and not a super king, so I'm not entirely sure why it was so tight. I felt like the sides were going to rip because the material felt quite thin and transparent.

King size bed with Kmart Mattress Topper

The Kmart High Loft Mattress Topper in size king on our king bed. Notice the side gaps where down is missing.

The squares which hold the 'down' were so small and compacted, and there was a significant gap on either side of the mattress topper where manufacturers just forgot to put padding, I guess? See my picture below to see what I mean.

King size bed with Kmart Mattress Topper

The Kmart High Loft Mattress Topper in size king on our king bed. Notice the side gaps where down is missing.

It was obvious Anko Mattress Topper manufacturers were skipping out on comfort by leaving coverage gaps in their topper!

Samuel and I slept on the Kmart High Loft Mattress Topper for two weeks during this comparison review period, and unfortunately we experienced some back and hip pain in addition to general discomfort.

I was so glad to peel off the tight Kmart topper and replace it with a tried and tested favourite of ours. In our opinion, the Kmart mattress topper was seriously uncomfortable and a waste.

The Luxury Mattress Topper in King Size by Muscle Mat

Ladies and gentlemen, the Luxury Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat. I have a personal theory in life that I always go by: buy it nice or buy it twice.

This was definitely the case with the Kmart mattress topper. We spend so much time in our beds within our lifetime, it should be as comfortable as possible in my opinion. Why settle for an item which is less comfortable? Don't do it, your back begs you!

If you had to use the Kmart topper in a caravan bed or a spare bedroom that no one sleeps in, or something of that nature, it would be OK as it's temporary.

But day in, day out, you need a proper topper on your bed which will last the distance and provide you with exceptional comfort in your sleep space.

The Luxury Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat has larger padded squares when compared to the Kmart High Loft Mattress Topper. It also has no gaps on the side ensuring comfort right to the very edge, as shown in my pictures.

A picture of Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper on a king size bed.

Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper in size king, this picture shows how incredibly plush and comfortable the 10cm thick down is.

Purple poster with yellow font that says final thoughts on the Luxury Mattress Topper

There are many places online and in store to purchase a new mattress topper, and you could spend hours deliberating over which one will be the comfiest.

But since reviewing this Luxury Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat, and comparing it to a cheaper Kmart version, I can honestly say Muscle Mat wins without a doubt.

Before Muscle Mat approached us to compare their topper to Kmart's cheaper one, we actually already had a Muscle Mat Luxury Mattress Topper on our bed (that we paid for ourselves, not sponsored) because they are game changers. I saw Muscle Mat advertising on Instagram and I just had to try it, and I'm so glad I did!

At the time of writing this blog post, Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper has 3155 reviews where you can see time and time again, many positive comments about how great and luxurious it really is.

When you're ready to buy a new mattress topper to take your bed to the next level of comfort, trust Muscle Mat and click here to purchase.


P.S. Comfort Lovers...

In addition to testing our Muscle Mat's Luxury Mattress Topper, they've also let us try their Luxury Sleep Tee! It's essentially an oversized sleeping t-shirt made of comfortable and breathable bamboo.

It's available in colours pink and grey, with either a cute quokka or koala on the front! The Luxury Sleep Tee has a front pocket for your phone, remote or snacks (lol) and its one size fits most.

It was comfortable and cute, and available on their website for $59.00 AUD.

Click here to purchase the Luxury Sleep Tee.

Woman wearing pink night dress laying with baby wearing pink on a white bed.

Ali laying with baby Georgia, wearing the Luxury Sleep Tee by Muscle Mat.

Disclosure: We were on the hunt for a new, comfortable and plush mattress topper for our bed, which is why we've collaborated with Muscle Mat in a paid partnership on this sponsored post reviewing their Mattress Topper. Muscle Mat gifted The Johannessen Family a king size Luxury Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat, a Luxury Sleep Tee by Muscle Mat and a king size mattress topper by Kmart to conduct a fair and impartial comparison review. All opinions are 100% our own and reflect our honest experiences with the product. We only share what we believe you’ll find helpful as parents. Thank you to Muscle Mat for this collaboration opportunity.


A black and white picture that says Thank You love the Johannessen Family

We hope you enjoyed our blog post review on the Luxury Mattress Topper by Muscle Mat! ♡ Any questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Tag us at @thejohannessenfamily or contact us!

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