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Review of the Sand-Free Towel by Tesalate

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

What an absolutely crazy, unprecedented and exhausting two years we have all lived through. The upcoming Christmas summer holidays could not come quick enough, and I hope every family gets the chance to have a well-deserved break!

We love to spend our free time outdoors where possible, in particular, the beach! We live in hot and humid Queensland, and are lucky to live fairly close to some of the world's most amazing beaches. Our favourite beach is Coolangatta, and we love nothing more then spending the day swimming, eating, building sand castles, exploring for crabs and resting in the warm sun.

As we are now a family of four, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that help make the lives of parents (and children) easier. We never hit the beach without our SPF50+ hats, sunscreen, reef shoes and our handy beach wagon (that holds up to 100kg; Brooks, Parker and the beach bags).

We were recently approached by Australian brand Tesalate to review one of their famous sand-free beach towels, in which we happily accepted. As beach lovers, we were keen to see if such a product could really be a) sand-free and b) be so lightweight that it can dry us well after swimming.

  • This beach towel really is sand-free! Tesalate are known for creating the original Australian beach towel that doesn't hold sand. Their towels are built with AbsorbLite™ fabric, which has been purpose-engineered for sand to slip right off easily. What does this really mean, you ask? You know when you're sun baking on the beach, and a nearby beach-goer shakes their wet and sandy towel upwind, and sand ends up blowing all over you? You won't do that to anyone else nearby, as this towel lets sand fall through it!

  • This beach towel is absorbent, yet lightweight! Tesalate have specifically designed this towel to hold up to one litre of water. When you're spending the day dipping in and out of the water, this feature is really handy as it allows the towel to stay fairly dry! Much dryer than a traditional beach towel (that turns heavy and unusable once wet). If you do need to hang it up to dry, it has a little hook, and Tesalate claim it will dry rapidly. We tested this, and it's true.

  • This beach towel is compact! You can roll it up and carry it within the smallest of spaces. This was especially handy for us, as a family of four, our beach wagon gets full very quickly holding two kids and beach bags. The Tesalate beach towel also comes with a free bag for storage.

  • This beach towel is made of microfibre fabric! It's made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide fabrics, which is why it's lightweight, sand-free and absorbent.

  • The beach towel is full size, measuring 160cm x 80cm.

  • It's lightweight, really lightweight. You barely notice it when carrying it. The beach towel fitted nicely in our beach wagon, but could have easily been placed in our beach bags.

  • The beach towel comes with a black carry bag, so once it's rolled up, you can store it in there!

  • The original sand-free beach towel costs $89 AUD.

  • Tesalate also sell a double-size beach towel, which costs $149 AUD.

  • If you sign up to Tesalate's mailing list, you receive 15% off your first purchase! This is great because it brings the cost of a single sand-free beach towel down to $75.65 and $126.65 for a double.

  • Tesalate also offer free shipping on all orders. Yay for free shipping!

  • You can purchase a sand-free beach towel directly from Tesalate's website by clicking here!

  • It's lightweight, absorbent and easy to carry.

  • It dries quickly, this is great when you're busy having fun. No one wants a soggy, heavy towel.

  • Although $89 AUD seems pricey for a beach towel (or $75.65 with 15% off mailing list discount & free shipping), it's an investment product due to it's unique nature. The beach towel's fabric feels well-made and quality. I hope it will last our family many years of beach fun.

  • The beach towel won't trap sand, sand will pass through the little micro holes (even when it's wet!). Leaving the sand at the beach was a big benefit for our family. Whenever we have a beach day, our kids usually dump a tonne of sand in the car at the end of the day. So we're glad to have a beach towel that doesn't contribute to this!

  • Tesalate have over 35,000 verified reviews on their towels, with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. They also have over 970,000 Facebook followers, and almost 100,000 on Instagram.

  • Tesalate's towels have been featured in: Business Insider, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, Elle and USA Today.

  • The reviews are real! It really is a great, innovative product to transform how we dry ourselves after a day at the beach.


Disclosure: We were on the hunt for a new, innovative and lightweight beach towel for this summer, which is why we've partnered with Tesalate on today's sponsored post reviewing their Sand-Free Beach Towel. The Johannessen Family was gifted the Sand-Free Beach Towel in the colour 'The Swell' to conduct a fair and impartial review. All opinions are 100% our own and reflect our honest experiences with the product. We only share what we believe you’ll find helpful. Thank you to Tesalate for this collaboration opportunity.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post review on the Sand-Free Beach Towel by Tesalate! ♡ Any questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Tag us at @thejohannessenfamily or contact us!

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