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How to make a Christmas Box for Toddlers

Updated: Apr 10

Christmas is a great time to continue with old family traditions, or to start a brand new tradition.

Christmas Eve boxes have been around for a little while now, and although they're a fantastic idea, some parents have said they feel it's a bit of a waste, as the box is given on the 24th of December, when Christmas is almost over.

As new parents, we can definitely vouch for this. We bought our son Brooks a 'Christmas Eve Box' in 2019, it was cute and personalised with his name, however, he didn't get much use out of it!

With that being said, move on over, Christmas Eve boxes! Let me introduce... December 1st Christmas Boxes!

The December 1st Christmas Box is given to your child on December 1st (of course!), and we think it's a great new way of letting our kids get into the Christmas spirit as the month of December progresses.

Why is a December 1st Christ